Blood is Thicker than Water, Is it? (Introduction)

Most of my life and probably most of yours you have been told that blood is thicker than water. Well, physically blood (family) is thicker than water but metaphorically speaking this is one of the biggest lies ever told. In my experience, family (blood) has been some of the most toxic people in my life. I have watched the destruction of individual characters destroyed, family accusing other members of the family of hideous actions and habits, children kept from parents, lies told on children, children turning against their parents, physical abuse, mental abuse, truths withheld, husbands stolen, and the list could go on and on.

Now I am not implying these things have happened only in my family, but also in the families of friends, my friends friends, family of family members, so on and so on. You get the picture. Yes, I have been the “victim” of family and witnessed the victimization of multiple family members and friends. I am sure anyone taking the time to read this blog has at some point in their life has been a “victim” of family. After all, we are all only human, walking the same earth, anchored by the same gravitational pull, living different realities, fighting similar battles.

But my focus here is family or should I say who I consider family? Believe me when I say family does not necessarily mean you are my blood. After all, what is blood? According to Wikipedia, blood is “body fluid in humans and other animals that delivers necessary substances such as nutrients and oxygen to the cells and transports metabolic waste products away from those same cells.” What does that really have to do with the people responsible for depositing small bits of influence, good or bad, throughout and within your life? Those people that helped you, hurt you, abandoned you, back stabbed you, loved you, hated you…

Over the next few blogs, I will delve deeper into blood is thicker than water, and how this phrase has been taken out of context by family causing a complete breakdown of family structure. By the end of this blog series, I hope to open the eyes and minds of families that have gone through hell and back, and the friends that have been there to help put the pieces back together.

Stay tuned!

Silent Survivor

I am a 40 something year old female and have lived almost half of my life expectancy. Let me tell you, it has been a struggle. A struggle I am determined to beat because I deserve to live a better life. I suffer from Fibromyalgia, Connective Tissue Disease, Chronic Migraines, Anxiety, and most recently bulging disc in my back that have caused me to suffer from chronic leg pain.

Being me, and going through temporary and life long ailments has caused me to miss out on many things in life and love. My hope is this blog will help women suffering from hidden ailments, damaged relationships, and alienation from life by giving them hope or at the very least know they are not alone and to fight with everything they have left! 

The products I have chosen to feature on my website all relate to women, wellness and beauty. Just because we suffer, some of us silently does not mean the sass and glamour has to be missing from our lives. Together we can show the world, we are warriors, we are women, and we are worthy!

Blood is Thicker than Water, Is it? (Introduction)

Most of my life and probably most of yours you have been told that blood is thicker than water. Well, physically blood (family) is thicker than water…

Blood is Thicker than Water, Is it? (Introduction)

COVID Mental Health & Our Children

I’m curious to know how parents feel about their children going back to school before a vaccine is made and tested for COVID-19? As this virus continues to ravage our country, I am sure our children have concerns and I know as an adult I have concerns! It appears absolutely no one is on the same page about the proper steps to take for slowing down, or better yet eradicating this virus. What I do know is people seem defiant when it comes to the suggestion of doing something as simple as wearing a mask. “It infringes on their rights”. Well, you know what? You won’t have any rights to worry about if you are dead.

Okay, back on topic… My daughter attends Temple University and her classes are currently scheduled for online. She is a Biology major and will have labs possibly requiring in person attendance on campus. My family is blessed and therefore my daughter has an off campus apartment. She does not have to share her space with anyone who may not take COVID precautions seriously. So this gives her one level of protection and comfort. Her home is her safe haven and I will do whatever it takes to make sure she is safe and has what she needs.

My daughter is very educated about COVID and takes this illness very seriously. She wears a mask, washes her hands, sanitizes etc. This is her second level of protection. Although my daughter is educated and doing everything she can to protect herself, she still came to me with concerns. I as her mother cannot change what is going on in the world, but I did recognize my daughter needed me. We had a conversation, additional steps were taken, and she is now back on track and has officially moved back to Philadelphia.

With that being said, what precautions are you taking as a parent to protect your children, no matter the age or the school? How is the mental health of your child? This is very important because children will not always talk about what they are feeling and those feelings could turn into something dangerous, behavioral, or something worse. I know my adult children inside and out. They talk to me about everything. Sometimes it’s TMI (too much information) but I’d rather have TMI than not know something is going on with one of them. My children express their fears and anxieties, they share their life experiences, and they are comfortable with doing so. This is one safety net all children should have and depend on, but life throws us curve balls and I know this is not always the case.

Take the time to talk to your children of all ages. Lay the foundation in the early years if possible. Be open with your children. Unfortunately we can not hide our children from the world or the world from our children. The world is crazy and the children need the support of their parents. Hell, as old as I am, I am still blessed to have my parents to talk too. Mental health is serious. Listen to your children. No one should know your children better than you. If you, as the parent, are not able to or do not know how to comfort your children, call a friend, call a professional. It’s okay not to have the answer, but it is not okay to not recognize and understand the messages your child/children are sending you. Please answer their cry for help. It could be the difference between life & death. It is just that serious.

COVID-19 & Selfishness

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No, I am not here to blog about COVID-19 or educate you about the disease in any way. What I am going to write about is the sheer ignorance of the human race. You would think this would be a time when our country would come together, make personal sacrifices, and do what has been asked of us to keep the number of confirmed cases low, minimize asymptomatic individuals from unknowingly infecting others, protecting ourself, and protecting others.

As I watch the news every now and again, my heart breaks for the most powerful country in the world. So many senseless deaths, and death is not discriminating. Depression and anxiety are running wild because of the rapid speed of which the disease spreads and the uncertainty of asymptomatic individuals who have not been tested. Why? Because people are selfish! I get it, we all need money to survive and that requires us to work. I also know in some areas, filing for unemployment has been difficult and a long process. Yep, let’s even go as far as hoarding essential items such as toilet paper, hand sanitizer, protective mask, gloves, Clorox wipes, Lysol wipes, alcohol… I mean the list could go on and on! You get the idea. Hoarding is selfish! What about other people? They need necessities too.

Next, lets’ talk about this mask situation. Yes, wearing a mask is not the most comfortable thing to wear. However, I would definitely prefer to be a little uncomfortable in public spaces with a mask on, then to end up infected by a disease for which there is no cure. Looking through a different lens, I would not want to be someone responsible for infecting someone else, ultimately making me responsible for a persons life and the lives of everyone that person comes into contact with.

So let’s take a look at the word selfish. Selfish (adj.) according to, means “devoting to ones self, concerned primarily with ones own interest or welfare.” This definition describes so many people dealing with this pandemic. People, “pan” is the Greek word for ALL and “dēmos” is the Greek word for people. This pandemic is affecting everyone, ALL PEOPLE. It makes no sense that we as the human race are all about self instead of taking a step back and looking at the larger picture. Saving lives!

Folks walking around without a mask should be considered in direct violation of others, hell a form of domestic terrorism, while outside or inside public areas. It is these same non mask wearing folks screaming about the amendments and their rights. What about the rights of others wanting to practice safety and wear their protective gear to protect themselves and those not giving a damn about anyone but themselves? If you choose not to wear a mask, the solution is easy, stay your ass at home out of respect for the rest of the human race. Hundreds of thousands of people are or have been affected by COVID-19 and the death toll continues to climb. The one thing these obstinate folks need to acknowledge is, refusing to wear a mask in public could make “them” the next victim.

Most of us cherish our lives, at least I think we do. Let us extend the same courtesy to other members of the human race. Let us give each other a fair chance at a healthy life. Please understand, every time you speak, breathe, cough, sneeze, laugh, or sing, saliva sprays outward and rides the air like a wave until the wave crashes on the next victim or surface. Let’s come together and do the human thing by simply giving a damn. Wear your protective gear, mask & gloves. The mask will not kill you, but COVID-19 just might.

Take care y’all! 🖤

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