Maison de S.A.S.S. ~ Purpose

Madison de S.A.S.S (Survival, Awareness, Strength & Spirituality) was created to educate & inform women dealing with invisible diseases, mental, physical, & emotional abuse. You/We are not alone. My blogs, most of them are from real life experiences. I have lived all of the above & through my post, my hope is to help women take their power back from disease, abuse, & other disheartening, soul snatching obstacles in their lives allowing us to live. Ladies, we need to feel good about our selves even when we are being attacked by our own bodies and the so called people who steal time from our lives professing they love us. We must first love ourselves. We must fight for ourselves. We must turn to others who understand what we are going through…daily pain, regret, psychological instability, & sometimes resentment & hatred. I want to share my life with you, to encourage you, because the one person we know for sure, is ourselves.

Let’s do the damn thing and start our individual healing process! No, it wont be easy. That is why so many of us give up and accept the bullshit we go through. The time is now to follow our individual roads to peace, removing toxicity, yep, this includes toxic people, achieve mental clarity, and minimize the physical pain.

We got this!

Women are resilient!

“We are women. We are warriors. We are worthy!” Reneé Danielle

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